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1842: "Pour le Mérite" extended
31.5.1842: "Pour le Mérite" extended
Prussian King Frederick William IV founded the "Pour le Mérite" order for sciences and the arts that has been one of the most important awards in the German-speaking world until this day. It was derived from the "De la Générosité" order that was founded by Frederick I in 1685 and converted into the "Pour le Mérite" order upon Frederick the Great’s ascension to the throne on May 31, 1740. It was initially devised as the highest award for war merit and bravery. Then, the non-military variant for scientists and artists was founded in 1842 upon the instigation of Alexander von Humboldt.
Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Which Prussian king went down in history as Frederick the Great?
  Frederick I.
  Frederick II.
  Frederick III.