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Josip Tito 1892: Josip Tito
25.5.1892: Josip Tito (†4.5.1980)
Yugoslav state president and marshal, his real name was actually Josip Broz and his official birthday May 7, 1892. Tito, as general secretary of the Communist party in Yugoslavia, organized the partisan resistance against the German and Italian occupying forces in Yugoslavia from 1941 onwards. In 1944, the anti-fascist council of national liberation under Tito’s leadership assumed power. From 1945, he was prime minister and minister of defence. He was nominated state president initially in 1953, and for life in 1963. He pursued his own form of socialism after turning his back on Stalinism. In international politics, he became the spokesman of the nonaligned countries.
Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
An unusual spectacle presented itself to the 181 men in Finland’s parliament on 25 May 1907. What was it?
  The speaker proclaimed women’s voting rights.
  A woman became prime minister for the first time.
  Women took their seats for the first time.