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First diesel locomotive 1912: First diesel locomotive
11.9.1912: First diesel locomotive
The first diesel locomotive in the world was put into service by the Preußisch-Hessische Eisenbahn (Prussian-Hessian railway). It was constructed by the Berlin based Borsig company. The test locomotive that was built in 1912 was just as unsuccessful as the locomotive with pneumatic transmission that was built in 1929. The “V 140 01” was the first locomotive to be used successfully with an output of 1400 bhp and was presented at the anniversary exhibition in Nuremberg in 1935. Now the locomotive is in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Today diesel locomotives have superseded steam locomotives.
Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Philosopher and composer Theordor Adorno emigrated to which U.S. city in 1938?
  Los Angeles
  New York