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Max Brod 1884: Max Brod
27.5.1884: Max Brod (†20.12.1968)
Austrian-Israeli novelist. Max Brod is mainly famous due to the rescue and posthumous publication of a lot of Franz Kafka’s works. Brod spent almost every day in Kafka’s company as a psychological support. Due to this level of familiarity, Brod later claimed to be the only person who could really understand Kafka’s texts. However, his interpretations, which were frequently of a religious nature, proved to be insufficient. Brod was already active in the Zionist movement from 1910 and, in 1918, became vice president of the Jewish national council. He wrote novels mainly of the religious genre, such as "Tycho Brahes Weg zu Gott" ("The Redemption of Tycho Brahe", 1915) and love stories.
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Zitat des Tages
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