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1917: Mata Hari Executed  
It was a spectacle the likes of which Paris had never seen before. “A large, dark figure floated through the door. Well-built, brown, hot-blooded. Her dark complexion, her full lips and shining eyes conjure up images of faraway lands, scorching sun and tropical rains. She sways beneath her veils that both cover and uncover her. Her bosom heaves seductively and her eyes shine”, wrote an onlooker.

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1844: Friedrich Nietzsche
1964: Breshnev becomes Communist Leader
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11.12.2023 Zelenskyy invited to White House amid aid freeze
The Ukrainian president is meeting US counterpart Biden on Tuesday, moving on from a visit to Argentina to attend Milei's inauguration. It comes as feuding US lawmakers continue to block further aid to Kyiv.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Who was Margareta Geetruida Zelle, executed on 15 October 1917, better known as?
  Mata Hari
  Princess Margaret
  Joan of Arc