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1867: "Das Kapital"  
“Das Kapital” from Karl Marx was, and is, not just a heavy tome in the most literal sense with its 2,500 pages. The author really went to great pains with this work, which took 15 years to compile. He only completed the sizeable first volume in his lifetime, the two following volumes were completed by his friend Friedrich Engels based on fragments and notes, which Marx had bequeathed in abundance.

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1903: Theodor W. Adorno
1912: First diesel locomotive
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5.8.2020 Beirut explosion live updates: Half of city affected by damage
An explosion ripped through the port in the Lebanese capital and up to 300,000 people are now homeless. Rescue teams are searching through the rubble for survivors. Follow DW for live updates.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Philosopher and composer Theordor Adorno emigrated to which U.S. city in 1938?
  Los Angeles
  New York