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1930: "The Blue Angel" Premieres  
On April 1, 1930 Josef von Sternberg’s film "The Blue Angel" had its world premiere. In the lead role was a Berlin actress virtually unknown at the time, Marlene Dietrich. Based on Heinrich Mann’s "Small Town Tyrant", the film was destined to become a huge hit, establishing Marlene Dietrich’s reputation all over the world.

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1929: Milan Kundera
1939: Spanish Civil War ends
1.4.2015 Historic Nigeria election won by retired general Buhari
A former military dictator has won Nigeria's presidential election. Standing on an anti-corruption ticket, Muhammadu Buhari swept to power with over two million more votes than the incumbent president.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
Which city did the Czech writer Milan Kundera flee to in 1975?