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1983: Franz Josef Strauss meets Erich Honecker  
It was a very special occurrence: on July 25, 1983, the SED propaganda publication "Neues Deutschland" featured a title-page photo of Erich Honecker and Franz Josef Strauss in a perfect statesmen discussion pose.

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1864: Benjamin Frank Wedekind
1567: Mary Stuartís abdication
24.7.2014 Israel swears in new president Reuven Rivlin as strikes kill UN staff
Shelling by the Israel Defense Forces has killed 15 people at a UN school serving as a shelter for displaced Palestinians in Gaza. It comes as a legislator from the right-wing Likud Party assumed Israel¿s presidency.
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Zitat des Tages
Who was Mary Stuart's (Queen of Scots 1542 - 1587) first husband?
  Henry VIII of England
  Francis II of France
  Henry V of France