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1931: Ossietzky Sentenced  
The article in the newspaper "Die Weltbühne" was headlined: "Windy Things from the German Field of Aviation”. As a result of the contributions from Kurt Tucholsky and Carl von Ossietzky, the “Weekly Periodical for Politics, Art and the Economy” would ultimately become the platform for Germany's pacifists.

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1920: Paul Celan
1995: "Rogue Trader" Extradited
23.11.2014 Iran nuclear talks near 'moment of truth'
Iran and international negotiators are facing an uphill battle if they are to reach an historic agreement on Tehran's nuclear program. Berlin has claimed that talks in Vienna represent a "moment of truth."
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
After nine months custody Germany extradited stock broker Nick Leeson to Singapore. What had Leeson done?
  He had laundered money for a criminal organization
  He stole five million Dollars and settled down in Heidelberg
  He single-handedly ruined the traditional British bank Barings