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1968: Emergency laws passed  
Tens of thousands of demonstrators made their way to Bonn to shout “Leave the constitution alone, SPD and CDU parties!” and other phrases in May 1968. The great coalition of SPD and CDU parties were meeting to ensure that controversial emergency laws would be passed through parliament. It provoked the biggest demonstration in the history of the Federal Republic.

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1955: Isabelle Adjani
1905: Mutiny on the Potemkin
27.6.2016 US Supreme Court issues historic abortion rights ruling
The US Supreme Court has ruled restrictive laws imposed on abortion clinics in Texas violate the constitution. Pro-choice advocates hailed the ruling as the most important decision in decades.
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Zitat des Tages
Zitat des Tages
A mutiny on one of their battleships rattled the Russian navy on 27 June 1905. What was the ship called?